IAH Airport Terminal D (Houston)

IAH Airport Terminal D in Houston, Texas, is a bustling and modern aviation hub serving both domestic and international travelers. As one of the airport’s terminals, Terminal D plays a vital role in connecting passengers to destinations around the world. With its impressive facilities and amenities, it offers a seamless and comfortable travel experience. This introduction will delve deeper into the features and offerings that make Terminal D a noteworthy and convenient gateway for travelers.

Terminal D is primarily dedicated to international flights, making it a crucial gateway for travelers departing from or arriving in Houston from various international destinations. It plays a pivotal role in connecting Houston with the rest of the world. Terminal D boasts modern and state-of-the-art facilities, designed to enhance the comfort and convenience of international travelers. It offers a range of amenities, including lounges, dining options, and duty-free shopping, ensuring a pleasant experience for passengers.

IAH Airport Terminal D (Houston)

Terminal D at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) is the primary international terminal, catering to all non-United international operations and selected United Express international arrivals. Here’s what you need to know about this international gateway:

IAH Airport Terminal D Levels

Terminal D at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) is a multi-level facility designed to efficiently serve travelers. Here’s a breakdown of the terminal’s five levels:

Level LL – Subway Access: Located on this level is access to the Subway system, providing convenient transportation to Terminals A, B, C, and the Marriott Hotel. Please note that access to the Subway is only possible via the pre-security terminal area.

Level 1 – Ticketing and Arrivals: Level 1 is a crucial area within Terminal D. It serves as the location for ticketing, check-in counters, and the arrivals area. Passengers arriving or departing can access these services on this level. Additionally, several passenger services are available to enhance the travel experience.

Mezzanine Level – Centurion® Lounge: The Mezzanine Level is home to The Centurion® Lounge, operated by American Express. From this level, passengers have convenient access to both Level 1 (down) and Level 2 (up) of Terminal D.

Level 2 – Departures: Level 2 is primarily dedicated to departures. Passengers departing from Terminal D will find gates from D7 to D18B, serving various international destinations. Notable features include:

  • A walkway near Gate D1 that connects to Terminal C, facilitating easy access to gates C14 to C45.
  • An area in front of gates D7 and D8 that marks the boundary between Terminal D and the beginning of Terminal E.
  • Access to Terminals A, B, and C, as well as the Marriott Hotel, through an elevator and escalator (pre-security access).

Level 3 – Skyway Access: The Skyway, an elevated train system, is located on Level 3. This convenient transportation option connects Terminal D with Terminals A, B, and C, offering an efficient way for travelers to navigate between different terminals within the airport.

George Bush Intercontinental Airport Terminal D’s five levels are strategically designed to accommodate the needs of both arriving and departing passengers, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Terminal Features:

  • Terminal D consists of 11 gates, conveniently numbered D1 through D11.
  • Several prominent international airlines operate from this terminal, including Air Canada, Air France, Alitalia, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, and Turkish Airlines.

Amenities and Services:

  • Travelers at Terminal D can enjoy a variety of amenities, including a diverse selection of dining establishments, ranging from restaurants and cafes to bars.
  • Duty-free shops and newsstands provide shopping options for passengers.
  • Currency exchange services are available for international travelers.
  • Numerous ATMs are situated throughout the terminal for convenient cash access.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi is provided to keep passengers connected.
  • Baggage claim services facilitate the smooth retrieval of checked luggage.
  • Ground transportation options are readily accessible for ease of onward travel.

Terminal Layout:

  • The terminal’s security checkpoint is conveniently located on the first level, making the screening process accessible and efficient.
  • Check-in counters are also situated on the first level, ensuring a seamless start to your journey.
  • Departures take place on the second level of the terminal.

Operational Hours:

  • Terminal D operates 24 hours a day, offering flexibility to travelers with varying flight schedules.

Navigational Tips:

  • Allow ample time for check-in and security procedures, particularly during peak travel periods.
  • If you have a substantial amount of luggage, take advantage of the Baggage Services counter for efficient check-in.
  • A currency exchange kiosk is conveniently located near the check-in counters for currency conversion needs.
  • ATMs are plentiful within the terminal, offering cash withdrawal options.
  • Stay connected with complimentary Wi-Fi available throughout the terminal.
  • For arriving passengers, the baggage claim area can be found on the first level of Terminal D.

Terminal D at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) provides a seamless international travel experience, with a host of amenities and services designed to enhance the journey for passengers flying to and from global destinations.

IAH Airport Terminal D

Transfers Between Terminals

Transferring between terminals at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), particularly Terminal D, is made convenient through various transportation options:

1. Skyway: The Skyway is a complimentary elevated train system that seamlessly connects Terminals A, B, C, D, and E. In Terminal D, you’ll find the Skyway station on the third level, close to Gate D1. The journey between Terminals D and E takes just around 2 minutes.

2. Subway: Another free transportation choice is the Subway, an underground train system linking Terminals A, B, C, D/E, and the Airport Hotel Marriott. Terminal D houses the Subway station on the lower level, adjacent to Gate D1. The Subway journey from Terminals D to E takes approximately 5 minutes.

3. Walkway: Within the secure area, a walkway interconnects Terminals B, C, and E. This walkway is accessible from the second level, near Gate B1. If you’re traveling from Terminal D to Terminal C, please note that you’ll need to pass through Terminal E.

Please bear in mind that the Skyway and Subway are exclusively accessible to passengers who have successfully passed through the airport’s security screening. If you’re arriving at Terminal D from an external location, you’ll need to undergo security checks before transferring to another terminal.

To ensure a smooth transfer experience at IAH, consider these additional tips:

  • Allow ample time for your transfer, as while the Skyway and Subway trains generally run every 2-3 minutes, there may be delays during peak periods.
  • Keep an eye out for clear and well-marked signs directing you to the Skyway or Subway, making navigation hassle-free.
  • If you’re traveling with significant amounts of luggage, the Skyway might be a preferable choice, as Subway stations can sometimes be more compact and crowded.

By following these guidelines and utilizing the available transportation options, you can efficiently transfer between terminals at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.


Services and amenities available in George Bush Airport Terminal D ensure a comfortable and convenient experience for travelers:

1. Airport Lounges: Terminal D houses several prestigious airport lounges, including the Centurion Lounge, Air France Lounge, and KLM Crown Lounge. These lounges provide an array of amenities, including complimentary food and beverages, Wi-Fi, and comfortable seating.

2. Food and Drinks: Terminal D offers a diverse range of dining options, from fast-food outlets to upscale dining establishments. Numerous bars and coffee shops are also available, catering to various culinary preferences.

3. Shopping: Explore a selection of shops within Terminal D, where you can find everything from souvenirs to electronics. Additionally, a duty-free shop is at your disposal for duty-free purchases.

4. Restrooms: Restrooms are conveniently located throughout Terminal D, ensuring easy accessibility for all passengers.

5. ATMs: Multiple ATMs are strategically positioned throughout Terminal D, providing convenient access to cash when needed.

6. Currency Exchange: The currency exchange service is situated in the ticketing lobby, enabling travelers to exchange currency effortlessly.

7. Baby Care: A dedicated nursery facility is available within Terminal D, close to the Chapel, providing a comfortable space for parents with young children.

8. Wi-Fi: Complimentary Wi-Fi is accessible throughout Terminal D, allowing travelers to stay connected during their time at the airport.

9. Wheelchair Assistance: Wheelchair assistance is readily available upon request, ensuring that passengers with mobility needs are well-supported.

10. Lost and Found: For any lost items or inquiries, the lost and found service can be found in the ticketing lobby, offering assistance to retrieve lost belongings

Airport Lounges

Here is a summary table of the airport lounges available in Terminal D, along with the services they offer:

Lounge Name Terminal Services and Amenities
Centurion Lounge Terminal D Premium food, showers, snacks, Wi-Fi, drinks, TV, children’s area, and more.
USO Lounge Terminal D Premium food, Wi-Fi, Internet Terminals, snacks, TV, and more.
KLM Crown Lounge Terminal D Snacks, Wi-Fi, TV, Internet Terminals, drinks, and more.
HAS Executive Club Terminal D Premium food, snacks, drinks, newspapers and magazines, and more.
British Airways Executive Club Lounge Terminal D Premium food, snacks, drinks, Wi-Fi, newspapers, TV, Internet Terminals, telephones, and more.
British Airways First Lounge Terminal D Premium food, snacks, drinks, Wi-Fi, newspapers, Internet Terminals, TV, children’s area, telephones, and more.
Air France Lounge Terminal D Snacks, drinks, Wi-Fi, TV, telephones, printers, and more.

Please be aware that the availability of airport lounges and their respective amenities may vary based on the specific lounge and the time of day. For the most up-to-date information, it is advisable to visit the lounge’s website or directly contact the lounge.