IAH Airport Terminal E (Houston)

IAH Airport Terminal E is a bustling gateway for both domestic and international travelers. This terminal plays a crucial role in connecting passengers to various destinations, offering a wide range of amenities and services to enhance their travel experience. From its modern design to its efficient facilities, Terminal E stands as a testament to the airport’s commitment to providing a seamless and comfortable journey for all passengers. In this introduction, we will explore the key features, airlines, and services available at Terminal E, making it an essential hub within the George Bush Intercontinental Airport complex.

This terminal features a range of services and conveniences to enhance travelers’ journeys. Passengers can enjoy a variety of dining options, from quick bites to sit-down restaurants, allowing them to savor diverse cuisines before their flights. Additionally, numerous shops provide opportunities for last-minute shopping, including duty-free stores where passengers can find souvenirs and travel essentials.

IAH Airport Terminal E (Houston)

Terminal E is one of the four terminals situated at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), conveniently located on the east side of the airport, adjacent to Terminals C and D.

Terminal E primarily serves as a hub for United Airlines flights, offering passengers a seamless travel experience. With 14 gates, numbered E1 to E14, the terminal efficiently handles departures and arrivals.

Within Terminal E, travelers have access to an array of shops and dining establishments, including popular choices such as Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Panda Express, Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, Pappasito’s Cantina, Livefire Burger, Olio, and Pala. Additionally, the terminal boasts a United Polaris Lounge, catering to United Polaris passengers and United Club members, ensuring a comfortable pre-flight experience.

IAH Airport Terminal E Levels

Level LL (Lowest Level):

  • Level LL provides access to the Subway, which connects to Terminals A, B, C, and the Marriott Hotel.
  • Access to the Subway is exclusively available in the pre-security terminal area.

Level 1 (International Arrivals):

  • Level 1 is where international arrivals are processed.
  • Passengers can locate baggage claim and access ground transportation options.
  • Several services are available on this level, including restaurants, shops, currency exchange, and a chapel.
  • Access to parking facilities can also be found on this level.

Level 2 (Departures and Check-in):

  • Level 2 serves as the departures and check-in area.
  • It features gates from E1 to E24.
  • A convenient walkway connects to Terminals C and D.
  • Gates at Terminal E are organized into two concourses as follows:
    • Concourse A: Gates E1-E3, E4a, E4b, E5a, E5b, E6, E7a, E7b, E8, and E9 (located to the left).
    • Concourse B: Gates E10a, E10b, E11, E12, E14 (southwest).
    • Concourse C: Gates E15a, E15b, E16, E17, E18a, E19, E20a, E20b, E21-E24 (located to the right and southeast).
    • Adjacent to Gate E1, a walkway connects with Concourse C, providing access to Gates 10 A and B (gates C41-C45) and the Domestic Baggage Claim of Terminal E.

Level 3 (Skyway Level):

  • Level 3 is where the Skyway (elevated train) is located, offering transportation to Terminals A, B, and C.

These well-defined levels within the terminal building at IAH provide clear access points and a range of services to enhance the travel experience for passengers and visitors.

It’s important to note that Terminal E is currently undergoing construction, with plans to unveil a new international terminal in 2025. Passengers should keep this in mind when navigating the terminal.

For a smooth journey through Terminal E, consider these tips:

  • If you’re flying with United Airlines, you can check in and proceed through security at Terminals B, C, or D, depending on your convenience.
  • International travelers will need to clear security at Terminal E before embarking on their international flights.
  • The United Polaris Lounge can be found on the mezzanine level, near Gate E1.
  • Utilize the moving walkways and escalators available throughout Terminal E for efficient navigation.
  • Don’t hesitate to seek assistance from a customer service representative should you have any questions or require guidance during your airport experience.

IAH Airport Terminal E

Transfer Between Terminals

Transferring between terminals at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH):


The Subway is an underground train system that connects Terminals A, B, C, and D/E.

It offers complimentary rides and operates daily from 3:30 am to 12:30 am.

You’ll find the Subway stations on the ground transportation level of each terminal.

Travel time between terminals is approximately 5 minutes.


The Skyway is an elevated train system that links Terminals A, B, and C.

It’s also a free service and runs daily.

The Skyway stations are situated on the third level of each terminal.

Transferring between terminals via Skyway typically takes around 2 minutes.


Various services and amenities available at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH):

Baggage Claim:

  • IAH has 11 baggage claim areas, one in each terminal.

Ground Transportation:

  • Various ground transportation options are accessible, including taxis, buses, and rental cars.


  • Multiple parking garages and lots offer over 20,000 parking spaces.


  • Complimentary Wi-Fi is available airport-wide.

Food and Beverage:

  • There are over 200 restaurants and shops offering a diverse range of food and drink options.


  • Several airport lounges are open to paying members and guests.


  • Restrooms are conveniently located throughout the airport.

Baby Care:

  • Baby care centers can be found in each terminal.

Pet Relief Area:

  • A pet relief area is located outside of Terminal E.

Currency Exchange:

  • Currency exchange kiosks are conveniently placed throughout the airport.

Travel Information:

  • Customer service desks are available throughout the airport to assist with travel-related inquiries.

Airport Lounges

Airport lounges mentioned:

United Airlines Polaris Lounge:

  • Location: Terminal E, near Gate E12.
  • Operating Hours: Open daily from 5:30am to 9:00pm.
  • Access: Available for United Polaris business class passengers and United Club members.
  • Amenities: Offers premium food, snacks, showers, Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines, TV, workspaces, and more.

United Airlines United Club:

  • Location: Terminal E, near Gate E1.
  • Operating Hours: Open daily from 5:00am to 11:30pm.
  • Access: Accessible to United Club members, Star Alliance Gold members, and eligible travelers holding a boarding pass for an international United or Star Alliance flight.
  • Amenities: Provides snacks, drinks, Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines, TV, workspaces, and more.